Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown Sheep are a small, hardy breed that originated in Sussex County, England. Their fuzzy, teddy bear faces and their short legs give these sheep a sweet, endearing appearance. These docile animals produce wool that is wonderful for hand spinning.


WooLly weeders


Babydoll Southdown Sheep make excellent weeders in vineyards and orchards. They eat down grasses and forbs, reducing or eliminating the need for mowing and herbicides. Their small hooves break up soil without compacting it.
They fertilize as they work.


Babydoll Southdown Sheep are small, naturally polled, and easy to manage. We use portable electric netting and chargers to create temporary pastures for our sheep, rotating them from one area to another as needed.


Pygoras are hardy, affectionate, and curious goats.They produce soft, lofty
fiber that is wonderful for hand spinning and other uses.
A Pygora in full fleece is stunning!



As the fog rolls in from the Pacific Ocean,
we stay warm under handmade duvets filled with our animals' fiber.