Mini Nubian Goats

We've long been in love with dairy goats, and mini Nubians are the best we've found. They are easy on the land, a manageable size, curious and affectionate, and highly efficient producers of milk for cheese, yogurt, ice cream, caramels, fudge, and more.   

Our herd is CAE, CL, and Johne’s negative (tested biannually), and G6S normal by parentage or testing. All goats are registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA); some are dual registered with The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR).  Milk lines include Green Gables, Echo Hills, Soaring Hearts, Irm’s Girls, and others.



It’s all about the ears

And the Roman nose. And the curious, affectionate nature of these goats. Mini Nubians are wonderful little companions who also produce plenty of rich,
delicious milk.



Social hour

Goats are herd animals with a strong social hierarchy. Family bonds between grandmothers, mothers, and daughters are evident; for example, our mother-daughter pairs tend to eat together and sleep next to one another.  We typically allow dams to raise their kids, but we offer bottle babies by specific arrangement.
Please contact us for details.


Perfect size

Mini Nubians are the perfect size for a small family farm. Their relatively small size makes them easy to manage and transport, and they eat less than full-sized dairy goats. Does are large enough (about 24 to 26 inches tall) to milk easily.



Chow time

We use permanent fencing and portable electric netting for rotational grazing/browsing. Portions of our farm are shady and wooded, providing some healthy browse even during hot, dry summer months. We use quality purchased hay, Chaffhaye, and supplements as well. Our goal is to keep our goats’ diets as healthy and as natural as possible, so the goats will be strong animals with vigorous immune systems.